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Reasons to protect your Firm from Distracted Driving
According to statistics, nine people die each day because of distracted driving. Almost 1,000 injuries occur every day due to accidents, and mainly this is caused by distracted drivers. This information is provided by NHTSA. Due to this, many organizations globally lose billions of dollars due to injuries and deaths. This has made it necessary for companies to implement top-notch driver distraction programs at work, whether for large truck fleets or small ones. As mobile technology continues to evolve, so do driver distraction programs.
There are many ways that companies can be able to minimize distracted driving. These include,
avoid multitasking. Drivers should only focus on one thing while on the road, that is driving. Drivers must be discouraged from multitasking, and a driver should never text, video chat or even be on social media when driving.
Discourage drivers to eat or drink while driving. This is another distraction that causes distractions on the roads. The driver is not supposed to eat and drive. Instead, they should eat before starting the trip, or spare a few minutes to eat, or even after the trip. Always pull off the road in a secure place, eat, then continue with your journey. Avoid undertaking complicated tasks. Using technology like a drive screen helps prevent distracted driving. This is a software application that is designed to blank out the screen when the vehicle is in motion. Avoid all the other technologies, that although they may seem safer, they may end up distracting the attention of your river while on the road.
All drivers should make all the required adjustments before they hit the road. A driver should make sure that their GPS sound systems, climate control, seats, mirrors and anything else are correctly adjusted before they can start their trip. It is important to be organized. Avoid clutter in your vehicle because this can be the reason why the driver can be distracted off the road. All electronic devices,
paperwork and everything else should be properly organized. All drivers should be encouraged to make this a daily routine before they can leave the company.
There are many reasons why distracted driving should be prevented. First, the company is able to protect its employees’ health and their safety. Stopping distracted driving keeps your workers safe, hence creating a work environment that keeps their workers’ health and safety as a priority.
You effectively protect your company. Laws and regulations in many states are becoming more and more strict every day. Therefore it is important to make sure that your company is compliant. Once you eliminate all the instances of distracted driving, you are able to protect your company from unnecessary lawsuits and many other concerns in future. You will keep your business safe from unnecessary exposure and also significantly reduce the need for constant staff training.
You will positively create a culture of safety in your organization. Avoiding distracted driving is just one of the various unsafe practices that happen in different workplaces. Once you start with preventing distracted driving, you will be creating a culture of safety. Training your employees is another way of implementing the safety standards and ensuring that your employees take them positively.

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